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Becky Cotter

The Becky Cotter Memorial Trophy, established in 2001, memorializes the contributions to the Phoenix Feline Fanciers, and CFA, by Becky Cotter.

A charter member of Phoenix Feline Fanciers, Becky was a very successful Manx breeder and also an active exhibitor in the CFA Southwest Region, and throughout all of CFA's regions.

Becky is best remembered for GC, GP, NW Cottori Juliet, a stunning white Manx spay that became CFA's Best Cat in Premiership in 1997. Becky also served as the CFA Manx Breed Council Secretary from 1999 until 2000. She was always a gracious exhibitor and willing mentor. Her contributions to the cat fancy, and to the Manx breed, cannot be measured.

Becky was known for her "presence" -- that shone most brightly when she was enjoying a cat show with her friends.

Winners of the Becky Cotter Memorial Trophy

Winners of the Becky Cotter Memorial Trophy for highest scoring cat in Premiership at the annual Phoenix Feline Fanciers cat show are:

Becky Cotter Memorial Trophy

2018 - GP Kat Attack's Blank Canvas of Myrlyn Green-Eyed White Oriental Shorthair
Breeder:  Linda Ahrens and Heather Copple
Owner: Ellyn Honey and Linda Ahrens

2017 Hear Me Roar Red & White Persian Neuter
Breeder:  Gloria Busselman
Owner: Carol Warrens and Gloria Busselman

2016 - GP Bear Country Summertime Blues Blue Burmese Spay
Breeder:  Roseann Wheeler
Owner: Roseann and Timothy Wheeler

2015 - GP Angelspur Ohlala Red Persian Spay
Breeder:  Shirley McCollow
Owner: Shirley McCollow

2014 - GP De Bears Call Me, Blondie Champagne Burmese Spay
Breeder: Art-Kristie Graafmans
Owner: Art-Kristie Graafmans

2013 - GP Sandesox Justsweetness Of Whitesox Blue Point Birman Neuter
Breeder:  Karen Lane & Sande Faust
Owner: Karen Lane-Sande Faust-Yvonne Griffin

2012 - GP Syracoon Sizzlin Spectacular Salvo Brown Patched Tabby and White Maine Coon Spay
Breeder:  Alexis Mitchell
Owner: Alexis Mitchell

2011 - GP Rhamjoge Better Believe It Calico Persian Spay
Breeder:  Rhonda Fox
Owner: Matthew & DeLinda Pearson

2010 - GP Scrimshaw Seance of Amara Black Persian Neuter
Breeder:  Jack & Linda Acomb
Owner: Carol Warrens/Bob & Lorna Malinen

2009 - GP Boberan’s Gambler, Black Persian Neuter
Breeder:  Randy Primmer/Robert Farber
Owner: Linda Fried/Randy Primmer/Robert Farber

2008 - GP Bear Country Emily of De Bears, Champagne Burmese
Breeder:  Rose Ann Wheeler
Owner: R-T Wheeler/A-K Graafmans

2007 - GP Sunstone Serengeti, Ocicat
Breeder/Owner:  Elizabeth Hodgkins

2006 - GP Korindah Bandera of Janvier, European Burmese
Breeder:  Ken & Janelle Lawrence
Owner:  D & MA Sweeters/K & J Lawrence

2005 - GP Kenkat Play It Again Sam, Persian
Breeder: Leah Fowler
Owner: Leah Fowler & Dorothea Brockson

2004 - GP Sydsu The Iceman Cometh of Kikapoo, Oriental
Breeder: Susan - Sydneye James
Owner: Deedee Cantley & Brian Woods

2003 - GP Mysinhs Zenyatta Mondatta, Birman
Breeder/Owner: Joann Cordes & Ken Brown

2002 - GP Leggs Legolas of Kuroneko, Oriental
Breeder: Von Egidy & Mallary
Owner: Lynn Von Egidy & Terri Zeller

2001 - GP Co-Mc Candy Kisser of Caliente, Manx
Breeder: Jean McPhee
Owner J McPhee & Richard - Terry Brown

Craig Rothermel Memorial Trophy

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