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Application for membership will be considered by the membership after the following has been met:

The applicant has a Registered CFA cattery.
The applicant has been recommended by a member in good standing.
The applicant has attended three regular meetings.
The applicant has filled out an Application for Membership form.

After three attended meetings, the applicant will not attend the next regularly scheduled meetings. The Application for Membership form will be read and discussed by those members present. The vote will be conducted by written ballot. Two thirds (2/3) of those voting members present must vote "YES" for the applicant to become a member. Dues must be paid on or before the next regular meeting or the application will become void.


Section 1 Regular meetings shall be held on the first Tuesday of each month, unless changed by the President. Each member must be notified of any change.

Section 2 Annual meeting for the election of Officers shall be held on the regularly meeting day in January.

Section 3 Special meetings may be called at any time by the President and shall be called at the written request of three or more members.

Section 4 Fifty percent of the members, two of which must be Officers, shall constitute a quorum for transaction of business.

Section 5 Members must attend fifty percent of the meetings to be a voting member. Any member who does not attend a minimum of fifty percent of the meetings shall be an associate member with no voting rights. When fifty percent of the meetings in the prior year, have been attended, voting rights will be re-instated.


Section 1 The Officers and Board of Directors shall be elected at the Annual Meeting by written ballot, and shall serve for one year. Elected Officers shall take office at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Section 2 The delegate to the CFA Annual meetings shall be elected at the regular meeting in April. No club funds shall be paid for transportation, housing or food to the delegate. The club will pay the Delegate Registration fee.

Section 3 A vacancy occurring in any officer (other than President) shall be filled by a special election. The office of President will be filled by the Vice President.


The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer, shall preside at all meetings, and perform all duties consistent with the office. He/she shall be a member Ex-Officio of all committees, and shall appoint such special committees as shall be necessary.

The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.

The Secretary shall be the recording and corresponding officer, shall keep a record of all meetings, shall keep a roll of members with addresses, shall inform applicants of election to membership.

The Treasurer shall have custody of all monies of the club, shall open a bank account in the name of the club, and shall keep book accounts of receipts and expenditures, rendering a report at the monthly meeting.


The Board of Directors shall have power, by a 2/3 vote, to reprimand, suspend, or expel from membership any person, who, after a fair hearing of both accuser and accused, shall be found guilty of violating a rule of the club, or of a fraudulent, dishonest act, or of conduct detrimental to the interests of the club or the fancy at large. Charges against any person must be made in writing and sent to the Board of Directors.


These By Laws may be amended as provided in the Constitution.



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