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About Craig Rothermel

Craig Rothermel The Craig Rothermel Memorial Trophy, established in 2001, memorializes the contributions to the Phoenix Feline Fanciers, and CFA, by Craig Rothermel.

Shortly after Craig and his wife, Diana, moved to Arizona from Pennsylvania, a group of local cat fanciers approached them asking for help to start a new CFA cat club because there were so few clubs in the area. They were persuaded to join this group, and form a club that was comprised mainly of people who were not already members of existing area clubs. This club was accepted into membership in CFA in February, 1993 as Phoenix Feline Fanciers, Inc.

Since its founding, the members of Phoenix Feline Fanciers often turned to Craig for advice and inspiration as they sought to establish and improve the cat fancy in Arizona. Craig's knowledge, wisdom, and sense of humor helped set the tone for a club of hard-working members striving to host high quality, fun shows.

Craig, a past member of the CFA board of directors and former President of CFA, involved himself in the legislative issues that confront the cat fancy every day. His advice was invaluable when facing animal rights activists. Craig's persuasiveness and speaking ability sounded the cat breeder's message clearly.

Craig, a former breeder of Persians, began judging for CFA in 1977. He and Diana traveled worldwide to judge at CFA cat shows, and often guest judged at shows in other organizations.

Craig is missed by all, especially by the members of Phoenix Feline Fanciers.

Winners of the Craig Rothermel Memorial Trophy

Winners of the Craig Rothermel Memorial Trophy for highest scoring cat in Championship at the annual Phoenix Feline Fanciers cat show are:

Craig Rothermel Memorial Trophy

2018- Suncoon Fast Eddie of Fujicats Red Tabby and White Maine Coon
Breeder:   Cindy Rogers and Wayne Wiekhorst
Owner: Cindy Rogers, Wayne Wiekhorst, Greg and Leigh Sorokin, Teddy Cohen

2017- Kasanovakatz Reynah Seal Sepia Shaded Silver Burmilla Female
Breeder:   Stephanie J. Mohr
Owner: Stephanie J. Mohr - Lori Hollister

2016- GC Chocolado's "Chances Are" of Sherona, Lilac Pt. Siamese Female
Breeder:   Ralph-Cyndy Yanez / Liz Armitage
Owner: Ralph-Cyndy Yanez / Liz Armitage

2015- GC Briar-Mars Good to Be Me, Red Tabby-White SH Manx Male
Breeder:   Omar Gonzalez, Gary Veach, Suki Lee
Owner: Omar Gonzalez, Gary Veach

2014- GC Joleigh Jimmy Choo, Silver Mackerel Tabby Persian Male
Breeder:   Sue Bloomquist
Owner: Sue Bloomquist

2013 - GC Belamy's Desiderata Of Cinema, Calico Persian Female
Breeder:   Monica Vowe
Owner: Connie Stewart, Blake Mays & Dennis Adler

2012 - GC Parti Wai Ex Jackpot, Cream Spotted Tabby/White Exotic Male
Breeder:   Penni Richter
Owner: Penni Richter

2011 - GC Dovon's Rainmaker of Yatfung, Red Tabby American SH Male
Breeder:   Doug & Kathy von Aswegge-Cathy & Jim Dinesen
Owner: von Aswegge/Tang/Shek/Sturn

2010 - GC Scrimshaw Mouse in the House, Blue Persian Male
Breeder:   Linda-Jack Acomb/Carnevaletti
Owner: Jack and Linda Acomb

2009 - GC Catsafrats Viva La Cielo, Black Persian Male
Breeder:   Bruce & Donna Isenberg/Connie Stewart
Owner: Bruce & Donna Isenberg

2008 - GC D'Eden Lover Cougart of Latin Lover, Black Exotic
Breeder:   Carnaveletti/ Gaspard/Boucher
Owner: V. Boucher/F. Gaspard/P. Richter

2007 - GC Janvier's Baguette, Chartreux
Breeder:   S Ferguson/D&MA Sweeters
Owner:  D&MA Sweeters/M Heidel

2006 - GC Inthewind Hollee'berrie, Persian
Breeder: Maurice Ruble-Linda Fisher
Owner:  Linda Fisher  

2005 - GC Panei's Thunder Paws of Parti Wai EX, Exotic 
Breeder:   Patty Stewart 
Owner:  Penni & Jon Richter

2004 - GC Scrimshaw Seance, Persian 
Breeder/Owner:  Jack & Linda Acomb

2003 - GC C-N Spots Jacare of Tribal, Ocicat 
Breeder:  S & G McAnulty 
Owner:  L Boelter & N Quigley

2002 - GC DotDotDot Rubeus Hagrid, Ocicat 
Breeder/Owner:  Roger & Nancy Brown

2001 - GC The Renegade Politically Incorrect,  Burmese 
Breeder/Owner:  Kinberlyn Landry

Becky Cotter Memorial Trophy

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