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2013 Cat Show
Best decorated cage
2nd best decorated cage
Abysinnian competitor
Abyssinian judging
Maine Coon winner
Another Maine Coon winner
Best cat trophies and awards
Cat costume
 Douglas Myers cat costume judging
Christmas Devon Rex
Craig Rothermel winner for  best cat in championship
Cat Christmas tree
Diana Rothermel judging
Sponsor Dr Elsey's products
Fun on the judging table with Tracy Petty
Maine Coon breed display
Maine Coon Grand of Distinction
Maine Coon relaxing
Kitten having fun
2012 Cat Show

2011 Cat Show

Thanks to Christopher Cable for the great show photos!

Gary Powell and Orientals - Cable
Devon Rex - Cable
John Webster and Exotic-Cable
Wain Harding and Aby Kitten-Cable
Wain Harding and Aby kitten - Cable
Wain Harding and American SH kitten - Cable
American SH kitten in the Xmas spirit-Cable
Oriental kittens - Cable
Selkirk Rex kitten waiting to be judged - Cable
Russian Blue kitten caroling - Cable
Gary Powell and Selkirk Rex kitten - Cable
LH Japanese Bobtail kittens - Cable
Wain Harding and Ocicat kitten - Cable
Watching kitten judging - Cable
British shorthair kitten - Cable
British SH kitten exploring in the judging ring - Cable
Burmese kitten being judged - Cable
Ocicat kittens eager to be judged - Cable

2010 Cat Show

2010 Craig Rothermel Award Memorial Trophy Winner    
2009 Cat Show
Master Clerk Dick Kallmeyer, Assistant Tina Kape Announcer Leigh Sorokin Paula Noble and Alan Scruggs
2009 Becky Cotter Memorial Trophy Winner 2009 Craig Rothermel Memorial Trophy Winner
2009 Best Kitten
Club Members visiting senior citizen center
After show cleanup
Devon Rex relaxing before showing Devon Rex getting ready for the ring Devon Rex on the way to the ring
Betty White and Maine Coon meet the penguin Maine Coon safely back  

2008 Cat Show
Judge Barbara Jaeger Sharon Rodgers and her Black Persian Judge Nancy Dodds and Clerk Chuck Hoppe
Judge Diana Rothermel Donna Fuller and Russian Blue Agility ring with Russ Reimer
Judge Betty White Judge Hilary Helmrich Maine Coon getaway
Judge Wain Harding Judge Hilary Helmrich awarding prize Maine Coon exhibitors
2007 Cat Show
Memorial Trophies Bob Jones at the Raffle & Information Booth Club Treasurer Linda Jones
Sphynx cat Diana Rothermel presenting Chartreux and owner, Mary Ann Sweeters, Craig Rothermel highest scoreing cat in Championship trophy Elizabeth Hodgkins with Ocicat, winner of Becky Cotter Highest scoreing cat in Premiership trophy
Mi-Ke Shorthair Japanese Bobtail Announcer Leigh Sorokin Judge Kathy Black
2006 Cat Show
Photographer Richard Katris aka Chanon Diana Rothermel judging cream and white Bi-Color Persian Linda Jones at the raffle table
Ellyn Karr with Bob Jones, club members    
2005 Cat Show
Vendors Vendors Cat Agility ring
2000 Cat Show
Christmas cat HHP exhibitor Julie Benzer Gretchen King speaking in the Education Ring
Spectators enjoying petting a Persian cat    

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